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* What time do you send orders out?

- We have two times each day that we send out orders on our open days and one on Wednesday. They are around 1:00pm and 3:00pm. 


* What is the latest time before orders are sent off the same day?

- If the orders before 3:00pm it will be sent out that same day. Unless its a courier in which case collection will be the next day.


* Will the order be well packed?

- We always do our best to pack the orders as well as possible.


* Do you order items in?

- Yes, we will happily order items in. Please contact us and let us know what youre after and we will do our best to get you what youre after as quickly as possible.


* If I order a preorder item and other items will the order be sent as one or split?

- It depends on the order in hand. We try to split them if the postage covers a reasonable portion of the order to be able to split it. If not it will be sent as one. If we do split it we will notify you. If you are unsure please contact us for more help.


* Can we collect our order and how?

- If you wish to collect your order please either make your order on the site or contact us through the webstore or Facebook of what you are wanting and we will put the order together for you. Then you just need to arrange a mutual time to come collect your order. We are quite flexible on pick up times to help suit our customers. You can pay in cash on collection as well if it is easier as well.


* Do you accept orders over the phone?

- Currently we do not accept orders over the phone. But will be looking at this in the future.


* Do you guys run games, events and demos?

- Yes we do run games and events from time to time. Most are open to anyone but please contact us that you are interested in attending. Also we can run demos on request and also do demos when new games come out too.


* How is P&P figured out?

- P&P is figured out from both weight and the size of the item. We try to get as much packed in your order as possible. Sometimes we will split the order and send as more than one parcel as it means we can get it dispatched quicker and helps keep costs down.